Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day Of The Dingo by John Stevenson

Nick is sent to the Far East with an urgent deadline and one clue: "D-Day!"

George Gross Cover
Countdown To Holocaust!
Benny Chang, ace reporter out of Singapore, turned up dead. So Nick Carter decided to try his hand at journalism. Because Benny was working for AXE. And he was onto something very big.

As the new stringer, Nick gets advice from:

Yashida Arimoto, a beautiful Japanese, who seems to be just around the corner every time a corpse appears...and

Anna Yen, an Australian lovely, who knows a little too much about special codes and firearms for your average correspondent.

They are all tracking the same story. Why was Benny killed? What is "Day of the Dingo" and when? And what are Colonel Fung and his Red guerrillas up to in Malaya? If Nick does not get his facts checked, tomorrow's edition will scream "Final!" for the free world!

Printing History
Written by John Stevenson

Charter Books
441 13935
April 1980

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