Saturday, October 29, 2011

Kiss Michelle Goodbye by Carter Brown

She was the life of the party.
Until she wound up dead!

Danny Boyd's search for a missing girl began with a messy murder, and it was all uphill from then on. He'd been retained by the murder victim, Zandra Lyn, to find her friend Michelle, who'd mysteriously vanished somewhere in Santo Bahia. Boyd figured there had to be a connection between Zandra's death and Michelle's disappearance, and when the bullets started to fly in his direction, he knew he was right. Danny also knew that a dead detective would not be much good to his dead employer, but it looked like the next victim to be kissed off would be Boyd himself.

Printing History

Horwitz Publications
Castle Books (1984)
ISBN 7255 1733
Distributed by Horwitz Grahame Books Pty Ltd.

Tower Publications, Inc.
Tower Books (1981)
ISBN 505 51756

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