Saturday, October 1, 2011

Reich Four by Fred Huber

Nick Carter pursues a missing scientist.
And discovers a savage enemy!

UK Edition
Missing: Dr Karl Nordheim. Director of Medical Research at the Institute for Advanced Studies, Heidelberg.
Dead: Wilhelm Kraus. Research Assistant. By letter bomb addressed to Dr Nordheim.
Contact: Helga Nordheim. The Doctor's daughter, a musician who knows her scales very well.

Karl Nordheim was doing cancer research. But why are the top agents of the top powers trying to find him? And if they are all trying to find him, who's got him?

Contact: Angst Ehrlich. The millionaire recluse and inventor, claims not to have seen Nordheim in years.
Contact: Jericho. Exotic dancer at the Seiben-Einzehn. She is back in the double agent business.
Agent: Nick Carter, Killmaster N3. And all he has to go on are a slip of paper with "SWP" scrawled on it, and the word "Cobra" on the lips of a dying man.

George Gross Cover
Printing History
Written by Fred Huber

Charter Books
441 71228  (November 1979)

Star Books
352 30737


  1. First saw the Star edition in a newsagents nearly thirty years ago & was obsessed with the cover model for ages. Thanks tons for this post!