Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ten Times Dynamite by Frank Adduci Jr.

A leak in naval defense could let in a tidal wave!

George Gross Cover
The Silent Spy
Off the U.S. coast in the South Atlantic, sonar buoys transmit intelligence to a U.S. satellite, creating the world's most sophisticated naval defense. That is, until a Soviet electronics wizard begins jamming the system. Allowing Russian subs to pass through protected waters and supply South American guerrilla with arms. And that is not the worst of it. The Russians get a close up view of the U.S. hunter/killer subs, marking them for future destruction! To prevent the power balance from shifting Eastward, Nick Carter "Killmaster N3" pursues the super genius from Florida smuggling routes to the corridors of corruption in Brazil's jungle capital!

Printing History
Written by Frank Adduci Jr.

Charter Books
80060 (July 1980)

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