Friday, October 28, 2011

Death Mission: Havana by Ron Felber

A dead CIA agent's fingerprints at a crime scene is the first link in a deadly chain!

George Gross Cover
Cuba, SI!
Item: A robbery at Chase Manhattan turns up a bizarre clue. The fingerprints of Warren Graves, CIA, deceased.
Item: Margot Kidner has a list of ex-CIA agents with reason for revenge. How does she know that Nick Carter might be interested in her little list?
Item: Larry Burke, Washington-based syndicated columnist, on ever government agency's favorite "enemies list" turns up dead. Poisoned with a sophisticated drug simulating heart attack.

Before long it's clear to Nick Carter "Killmaster". The most sensitive assassination in modern times is about to off without a hitch. Unless he can get to Havana first. Peace in the Western Hemisphere will be a nice memory!

Printing History
Written by Ron Felber

Charter Books
14166 (October 1980)

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