Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tarantula Strike by Dan Reardon

A lovely Russian spy joins Nick Carter Killmaster in a spiderweb of intrigue!

George Gross Cover
A Detente With Death
It is no mean feat to keep a man alive if someone seriously wants him dead. It is even harder if you have to work alone, and it's next to impossible if you're trying to keep the protectee from knowing you're his protector. But that was Nick Carter's assignment. and the "protectee" was Karl Bartov, top KGB agent. AXE moves in mysterious ways, this time sending agent N3, Killmaster, from luxurious surroundings in Barcelona to chilly Warsaw. Until he finds himself in a Moscow prison facing the most diabolical torturer of his career.

Printing History
Written by Dan Reardon

Charter Books
79840 (June 1980)

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