Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Nowhere Weapon by William Odell

The Ulrich formula adds up to peace
Or Annihilation!
 Nick Carter Makes the difference.

UK Edition
Formula For Disaster!

An AXE courier, on a routine assignment in Paris, has disappeared. It happens in Nick Carter's business. But when Nick himself is called into replace the courier, he finds there's nothing routine about it. Through the narrow back streets of Montparnasse, Nick follows the trail of mayhem. The body hanging from a wrought iron fence, another one bound to a torture rack, an old man ruthlessly murdered, a young girl left orphaned. It's all leading to the Ulrich formula. In the right hands it's the ultimate defense. The arms race will come to a standstill. And the wrong hands are trying to bring Nick Carter Killmaster N3 to a standstill first!

George Gross Cover
Printing History
Written by William Odell

Charter Books
441 58895 
(December 1979)

Star Books
352 31117 

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