Friday, October 7, 2011

Park Avenue Murder! by Nick Carter

Guns bark as Nick Carter fights the dope ring!

When Nick Carter set out to save the sons  and daughters of New York's highest society from the greed of those heading a vicious dope ring, little did he dream that he would soon find himself enmeshed in a blackmail scheme that which nothing could have been more cruel and heartless. Murder meant nothing to the leaders and paid thugs who preyed on those fortune had favored at birth. Caught in the vortex of hate and avarice, Nick Carter was pulled down to where it seemed that even the master detective could not escape from the whirlpool. Shooting and fighting, greed sand trickery furnish a shudder page.

Printing History

1946 by Vital Publications, Inc.
Reprinted by special arrangement by Street and Smith Publications, Inc.


  1. This novel first appeared in the S&S pulp Nick Carter Magazine (July 1934), as "Death on Park Avenue." Richard Wormser wrote it under the Nick Carter house name. As I understand it, Shadow writer Walter B. Gibson revised the Nick Carter novels that Vital republished.