Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Last Samurai by Bruce Algozin

His final wish:
To destroy the one true warrior equal to himself,
Nick Carter!

George Gross Cover
The Last Samurai
When one assignment after another turns into false alarms and he is viciously attacked by a man he's never seen before, Nick Carter is at a loss to explain it all. Until a beautiful Japanese girl bring shim the microscopic key yo the entire AXE computer network, and tells him a mad electronics genius awaits his pleasure in a castle by the sea. armed to the teeth and ready to do battle. But when one battle ends and another begins, Nick confronts an opponent the likes he has never seen, one who possesses strength and skill far greater than any one man, and whose identity is enough to shock Nick into doubting his own sanity!

Printing History
Written by Bruce Algozin

Charter Books
441 47183
February 1982

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