Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Ambushers by Donald Hamilton

Assassination and terror in Central America.
Call in Matt Helm.....

Mission #6
A quiet mission of assassination is no sweat for Matt Helm. Until the man whose special talent is killing suddenly has to play God to a beautiful, beat-up girl, tortured half out of her mind on the Costa Verde jungle. Until a shapely foreign agent he never got around to killing off lures him into a strange trek in the wilds of Northern Mexico. Until a Russian missile smuggled out of Cuba falls into the hands of a political fanatic...very, very close to home!

Printing History
Copyright  1963

Fawcett Gold Medal
First Printing 
September 1963

d1618 June 1966 ($0.50)
T2900 ($0.75)

Ballantine Books
12841 July 1985 ($2.95)

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