Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Man's Magazine November 1965

Featuring the Carter Brown title Slow Death Of A Fast Lady (Nude - With A View)


  1. Hi Scott, I think I finally have a computer that will allow me to comment on Site. Anyway, do you have the book cover for Slow Death of A Fast Lady? The reason I ask, it looks like the same cover used on a Man From A.P.E. paperback, and I was curious.

  2. Hi Tom
    I went looking for the series and came across the cover in question. The cover used in the series is the same depicted on the this magazine cover.

  3. Thanks, Scott, from what I can see of it, it looks like the same cover that was used on The Man From A.P.E. paperback. There is a scan of that one in the 1960s Photo Album on Action Sixties, towards the last page. In fact, that's my favorite cover for that series. Do you know who did the cover?

  4. Tom
    Sorry, I do not know who done the cover.