Saturday, January 14, 2012

Deathlight by Jerry Ahern

The holder of the powerful death ray could vaporize entire armies in mere seconds!

A long, sleek shadow moves silently and stealthily beneath the gloomy arctic waters. On the surface of the icy waters and not too far away sits a U.S submarine at its rendezvous point. Suddenly the shadowy form emerges from the water and fires an eerie "deathlight" at the unsuspecting sub, disintegrating it instantly. A hundred yards away Nick Carter stops swimming and stares transfixed at the spot the sub had been only seconds before.

The Plot: The Soviet Invasion of Europe
The Weapon: "Deathlight" a deadly particle beam.
The Mission: Turn the weapon against itself and destroy!

Printing History
Written by Jerry Ahern

Charter Books
441 14169
March 1982

Again not a George Gross cover. The illustrator's name is too small to make out.

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  1. The signature does look like it could be "Minney"--see the descending stroke at the end--and Bruce Minney is the artist Anonymous saw in The Dominican Affair cover.