Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Israeli Connection by Robert Derek Steely

A routine mission threatens to turn into worldwide disaster for Nick Carter!

David Ben Weisman, Israel's Foreign Minister, believed his nightmare had ended with the conclusion of World War II. But suddenly the nightmare is beginning ll over again. And this time he would not escape.

Max von Schteig. "The Dark Angel" and other mad Nazi war criminals had waited a lifetime to send one man to hell, the only known person to escape his death grip.  David Ben Weisman.

And now "The Dark Angel" is back and Israel's Froeign Minister would be used as a pawn to fulfill von Schteig's sinister dream. The rise of the Fourth Reich and the conquering of the world!

Nick Carter's mission: Stop him dead!

Printing History
Written by Robert Derek Steely

Charter Books
441 35881
March 1982

Missing illustrator's signature on the cover.

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