Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Caress of Conquest by Stephen Frances

Amateur agent John Gail on a vengeance mission:
Destroy an international narcotics ring after other 
British agents have been turned into junkies trying to sabotage it!

One dirty job after another....
It was bad enough that John Gail could only launch this mission with the permission of the biggest and most deadly underworld boss in Britain. Gail also had to play ball with a giant network of narcotics smuggles and pass himself off as a navigator aboard a ship of murderers, perverts, and sadistic thugs. if his cover was blown, there would not be enough left of him to feed the sharks. So John Gail watched while Arab white slavers, his employer's "business partners." And he looked the other way when a lovely young agent was cruelly tortured and shot full of deadly drugs. Thousands of lives were at stake and the whole operation depends on John Gail keeping his cool, until it was the right time to strike.

Printing History
Written by Stephen D Frances

Universal Publishing and Distributing Corp.
Universal Award House Inc
Award Books
A764S (1968)

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