Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ice Cold in Ermine by Carter Brown

"So you spy a redhead whose plans are strictly under cover- brother, she's redhot for murder...."

Horwitz Edition
 In case you have forgotten, the name is Barney Blaine, secret agent whose hobby is racing cars and..... Did he say hobby? Well meet Hauptman Special, the racing car that kills! And Barney is supposed to drive it in the San Altorio road race. That is his cover to untangle an international undercover racket. First off he meets Nicky Lazar, ex syndicate big shot. Then Anna Kristani, the women who had hotted up the lives of the Soviet leaders. And last, but hardly least if one counts her vital statistics, a dizzy dame called Julie Adams, the world's most dangerous female driver! And then Barney stumbles on murder! But one murder leads to another, so maybe that's why he is looking down the barrel of a snub nosed automatic right now.

Printing History

Horwitz Publications Inc.
Numbered Series #55 (1958)
Second Collectors' Series Vol 2 #3 (1959)
w/Sweetie, You Slay Me! (Sweetheart You Slay Me)

Barney was introduced in Madame, You’re Mayhem (1957) Numbered Series #44

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