Monday, January 30, 2012

Norwegian Typhoon by Robert E Vardeman

An unknown force possesses a lethal weapon powerful enough to cripple the entire globe.

George Gross Cover

A routine assignment: Go to Copenhagen and keep an eye on Soviet submarine activity, But when Nick Carter "Killmaster N3" arrives, he finds the Soviets are frantic. They have "lost" their new atomic submarine. Of Typhoon Class, and even larger than their awesome Oscar Class subs, the Lenin is carrying twenty nuclear missiles! As Nick goes in to investigate, another submarine is suddenly "lost". Only this time it is the USS Ohio, carrying enough atomic firepower to destroy an entire country. If Nick does not stop the diabolical force behind the disappearances, the situation threatens to turn into a Norwegian Typhoon...with winds powerful enough to rock the world!

Printing History
Written by Robert E Vardeman

Charter Books
April 1982
441 58866

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