Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Trouble Is A Dame by Carter Brown

When Eddie Sackville, King of the Rackets. asked you to do a job, you did it, if you did not want to wake up dead afterwards. So when his lieutenant Louis Markon told Mike Farrell, Eddie had a job for him, he took it. And Mike took Louis' casual suggestion that Mike let him know what the job was if he did not want the shape of his face changed. They were very nice people.

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The job was strictly confidential...that is what Eddie said. Make a proposition for him to his wife's sister Katherine. So four hours later Katherine was on the run with a murder rap hanging over her head, and Mike with her. The only people they had to worry about were the cops, Eddie and his boys, Louis, and the murderer. Mike picked a good hide out, a honeymoon hotel, and that was where the fun really started. And that does not mean what you think it means, quite!

Printing History

Horwitz Publications Inc
Transport Publishing Company

As The Lady Is Chased
Novel Series (1954)
Second Collectors' Series Vol 1 #8 (1957)
As Trouble Is A Dame
Numbered Series #38 (1957)

Eddie Sackville's character appears again in Swan Song For A Siren, but not associated with the Syndicate. This title is not to be confused with another title appearing July 1954 with a different character, Johnny Grahame, a private eye.

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