Saturday, March 26, 2011

Assault On England by Ralph Eugene Hayes

He was a master criminal with a foolproof technique for a assassination. Unless Britain met his demand of 10 million pounds, he would annihilate the entire English government.

Tandem Edition

He was the most ingenious and sadistic enemy Nick Carter had faced in a long time. Leading Nick down a labyrinth of high voltage violence. To prove the power of his threat, he gunned down the Foreign Minister. When the money was not delivered quickly enough, he garotted another carefully guarded high official of state. Nick Carter is knifed and beaten on an Egyptian waterfront, tortured by the Russia KGB, lied to, sold out, and finally betrayed by his own side. With a beautiful British agent as his only ally, Nick must wage relentless pursuit of a kill-crazed blackmailer against all odds, right down to the brutally explosive end.

1st Award Edition

Printing History
Written by Ralph Eugene Hayes

Award Series
AS1030 October 1972
AN1237 December 1973
AQ1490 October 1975

Tandem Series
426 12212 1973

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  1. Do any of the Nick Carter or Carter Brown books take place in Romania?
    And are any of them about rescuing someone from inside a military compound in Romania or somewhere close by?
    An answer would be greatly appreciated.
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