Monday, March 28, 2011

The Dance of Death by Carter BRown

She was a real show stopper but she could not steal the spotlight from murder!

Horwitz 2nd Edition
She wouldn't take no from any man, so how could Al Wheeler refuse? Cissie St.Jerome turned the spotlight on her black-sheeted bed and gave Lieutenant Al Wheeler the performance of his life. That is how he nearly missed the murderer, a stealthy creeper who prowled the grounds of the lonely St. Jerome mansion, who had killed once and was planning to kill again!

Robert McGinnis Cover
Terror and temperament run rampant in a ballet company when a dancer's suicide is discovered to be murder. an ex-wife shows up with a strong-arm lover and a dead millionaire simply will not stay dead.

Robert McGinnis Cover
The male ballet star was dancing at the end of a rope, definitely dead. His apparent suicide did not seem to bother the rest of the ballet company. The prima ballerina was too ambitious, the impresario too worried, the choreographer too jealous, and the wanton much too attentive to her boudoir-gymnastics. They all kept Al Wheeler on his toes when he joined the act and tried  to find out which of these characters had cast himself as murder.

Signet 3rd Printing

Printing History

Horwitz Series
Numbered Series #117 1964,1966
Horwitz/Signet Double #15a 1983

New American Library Series
Signet Books
G2425 February 1964
T5278 1973
Horwitz/Signet Double AE 1926 Dec 1982

New English Library Series
Four Square Books
#2165 August 1968

The cover for NEL #2165 is the same as the cover for Seidlitz and the Super Spy (NAL #3168)

Horwitz/Signet Double

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