Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Death Strain by Jon Messman

A crazed, power-hungry scientist threatens the world with a lethal virus. Nick Carter's mission was nearly impossible!

Award Editions
The Death Strain is a lethal virus which there is no antidote and which kills in a hideous, painful way.
The Death Strain becomes a paralyzing threat to the world in the hands of a maddened genius who had developed it for America's use in germ warfare.
The Death Strain leads Nick Carter, Killmaster, to an elite legion of the damned. A group whose motto is "Kill for Peace". A group he must destroy before it is too late.

Tandem Editions
The perfect plan for total world destruction suddenly becomes a terrifying reality. A renown scientist threatens to unleash a lethal virus on civilization unless all warfare research is halted. The scientist and the deadly vial of the Death Strain have disappeared and it is up to Nick Carter to find them. 

Printing History
Written by Jon Messman

Award Books
1st (A703S) August 1970
2nd (AQ1615) September 1976

Tandem Series
1st (426 5928) 1971
Reprint (unkn) December 1972
Reprint (426 17400) unkn

1st (1473) 1972

The Death Strain is Jon Messman's last Nick Carter Killmaster adventure

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