Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Bombshell by Carter Brown

It's Al Wheeler's job to find a beautiful blonde killer when he is not even sure she's a corpse

Barye Cover
Lily Teal: Blonde, 5'5'' tall 112 lbs.
Her disappearance was listed on the police blotter as a routine Missing Persons case, but Captain Parker was convinced she had been murdered. And he ordered Lieutenant Al Wheeler to find her killer. Faced with no corpse and no clues, the California cop is forced to follow a dangerous lead. It takes him straight to a secluded harem of a crooked financier who gets Wheeler jailed on a phoney assault charge and nails him with a false murder rap. The perfect frame to hang a troublemaker  named Al Wheeler. 

McGinnis covers
It did not take Al long to find her. The blonde bombshell had mysteriously disappeared on her way to the corner drugstore to buy some pills. The first time Wheeler found her it was on the wrong side of a locked door in a crooked financiers hideaway, dressed in diamonds and gold. The second time he found her curled up in his apartment with the same diamonds and gold but with a vacant stare. Lily was just as beautiful dead as she was alive. 

Horwitz Edition

Printing History

Horwitz Editions
Numbered Series #46 1957
as Doll For The Big House
Numbered Series #85 1960
Long Story Magazine #12 July 1960

Signet Editions
1st (1767) March 1960
2nd Canada
3rd (D3097) 1967
4th Canada
5th (T5089) 1971

Horwitz/Signet Double Editions
006A/E9121 March 1980
w/ The Lover

1968 Men Annual

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