Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cambodia by George Snyder

On the map it looked like a waterlogged mass of rivers and canals. In reality it was the once Cambodian Mekong Delta, the richest rice bowl in South East Asia, occupied by the North Vietnamese. Watched by the U.S. and now suddenly the target of a takeover by a secret society dedicated to Cambodia for the Cambodians. The Secret Snake Society. Nick Carter's assignment was to find out if the Secret Snake's  twisted goals was really for the benefit for Cambodia or actually for the benefit  for the Chinese. If for the former, Nick was to lead a strike team to help fight the Vietcong. If it was for the latter, then Nick would lead the same strike force in for the kill. If he made a mistake, Nick would lead the free world into ultimate global disaster.

Tandem Edition
Silver Snake Society: Cambodian terrorists, fanatic. lethal, and primed to kill.
Strike Patrol: American Rangers, specially trained, totally armed, and primed to kill.
Nick Carter: AXE's top agent, officially assigned to penetrate the Cambodian jungle, accidentally aligned with a sensuous native guide, and by the very nature of his Killmaster rating, primed to kill.

Award Edition

Printing History
Written by George Snyder

Award Editions
1st (A686X) 1970

Tandem Editions
1st (unkn)1971
Reprint (426 12036) Dec 1972

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