Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Omega Terror by Ralph Eugene Hayes

Nick Carter "Killmaster N3" mission: Destroy the 'omega mutation' before this new biological weapon destroys the United States.

Tandem Edition
Dr. Damon Zeno: Microbiologist, American defector, a dedicated and dangerous enemy. The inventor of a micro-organism which mutates quickly and against which the human system has no defense.

Award 2nd Printing
Nick Carter's mission is to stop Dr. Zeno before he turns the 'Omega Mutation" loose in the United States. The weapon is a microscopic bug. It multiplied quickly and it could not be destroyed, killing a man in a mater of days. Nick Carter had no choice but to destroy Zeno before 'Omega Day'

Star Edition
In the heart of North Africa, with the help of beautiful Gabrielle Delacroix at his side. Nick races against time. Nick was in Tangiers, hot on Dr Zeno's trail.

Charter Edition

Printing History

Award Series
AN 1033 Nov 1972
AD 1648 Nov 1976
Charter 64053 Jan 1981

Tandem Series
426 12220 1973
Star 1979
Star 352 30503 1988

George Gross painted the Charter cover

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