Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Inca Death Squad by Martin Cruz Smith

Job opportunity: South America

Tandem Edition
Help Wanted:
By Soviet Committee for State Security (KGB), One (1) AXE agent, Killmaster rank. to serve as personal bodyguard to the Soviet Minister Comrade Alexander Alexandrovich Belkev, on tour in Chile. Must be willing to assume full responsibility, do odd jobs and, repeat, must be Killmaster rank.

Job Filled by:
Nick Carter

1. Deliver a new-style bullet-proof vest to Comrade Belkev: To demonstrate the final test of its power to safe-guard against assassination.
2. To guard Belkev's life with his own, under all circumstances.
3. To stop a coup that could burn South America to the ground.

Award Edition

Printing History
Written by Martin Cruz Smith

Award (AN1016) Sept 1972
Tandem (426 7202) 1973
Charter 1982

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