Friday, March 18, 2011

The Mark Of Cosa Nostra by George Snyder

Nick Carter on a grizzly Mafia manhunt. An assignment exploding with sex, savagery, and revenge!

Award Edition
The nightmare violence of Cosa Nostra

Assuming the identity of a cold-blooded Cosa Nostra killer, Nick Carter finds himself on his way to Palermo to infiltrate the Mafia. Using false papers, real bullets, and the aids of an AXE trained blonde named Tanya, his nission is to stop the flow of heroin to Saigon. But playing the part of a Mafia Don has big drawbacks, like being found out. And when that happens to Nick, he is marked for escapable death by the macabre Mafia code of vengeance.

Printing History
Written by George Snyder
His last Nick Carter Killmaster adventure

Award Series
1st (A847S) 1971
2nd (AN1098) 1972
3rd (AN1098) 1973

Tandem Editions
1st 1972
Reprint (426 7333) Dec 1972
Star Edition (352 30470) 1979

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