Thursday, March 17, 2011

None But The Lethal Heart II

From October 2010


 Mavis Seidlitz gets stuck with a cold corpse that's too hot to handle

Signet Edition

 Mavis is keeping company with a corpse and she's got to get rid of him fast. She tries to bury him, lose him, and even gives him away. But he persists in haunting her. The cops are on her heels. A gang of hoods is breathing down her neck. And someone seems determined to wrap her up in a slinky shroud. But here is the sizzling scorcher: A red-hot tale of murder and mayhem, chills and spills, and the daffiest detective work this side of a dizzy blonde bombshell, named Mavis Seidlitz.

Printing History

Horwitz Series
Numbered Series #78 1959
Long Story Magazine #6 January 1960
International Edition #9 1961
(retitled as The Fabulous)
International Edition #64 1970
(back to original title)

Signet Series
1st Printing (1694) August 1959
2nd Printing (1694) September 1959 
3rd Printing (D2849) 1966

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