Friday, March 11, 2011

The Ice Cold Nude by Carter Brown

Danny Boyd is after a stolen tiara, but finds an.........

Horwitz Numbered Series
 Private eye Danny Boyd always makes sure his detecting involves ample dollars and dames. He likes his girls glamorous but he had not bargained on the blonde wearing a diamond tiara under the shower. When her only other ornament  was a bullet hole in the forehead. When Boyd sets out to trap a jewel thief the top suspects on his list  turns out to be very beautiful and very dead corpse, the first of five. Alive she wanted mink. And dead only diamonds would do. 

Signet Editions

Printing History

Horwitz Editions
Numbered Series #98 1962
International Edition #35 1963

Signet Editions
1st (S2110) Apr 1962
4th (P3876) 1969

Horwitz/Signet Double Edition
#13a/AE1780 Sept 1982

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