Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Asian Mantrap by William Odell

The Asian Mantrap
By William Odell

George Gross Cover
Vendetta in Vietnam

General Martin is a hero. He proved his courage in Vietnam. And he paid for it in a POW camp. Now General Kieth Martin is missing. Maybe he disappeared to have some privacy. Any maybe he is collecting on some old debts....

Nick Carter's assignment is to find him, at any cost. The trail gets hot when a beautiful Eurasian agent is assigned as Nick's partner and when the murders of highly placed North Vietnamese officials turn into an epidemic.
In a kabuki theater in Bangkok, Nick Carter is transformed into a Vietnamese peasant. And in the middle of the sultry Southeast Asia night he parachutes into the countryside near Hanoi. If his disguise fails there is no return ticket. And if he does not find Kieth Martin and stop the assignations,, the Vietnam War will looks like a dress rehearsal for the real thing...

Printing History
Written by William Odell

Charter Books 
441 03180 (February 1979)

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