Friday, September 16, 2011

The Redolmo Affair by Jack Canon

Nick's mission is to break open a drug operation that is crippling the West.
And he has to break free of AXE to do it!

George Gross Cover
When is a spy not a spy?

"In other place, if an agent blew something like this, he had be off to Siberia. We do not do things exactly that way.."

David Hawk, director of AXE the super secret agency that take the jobs nobody can do, is speaking to his top agent: Nick Carter, Killmaster N3.

"No trial, no jury, not in our business. How can you appeal what does not exist? And myself and AXE, beyond a few select members of the House and Senate and the Oval Office itself, did not exist." 

Until Nick realized that he had a new mission, so ultra secret and urgent that his cover had to be perfect. Because he has to find Redolmo, the brains behind the most corrupt drug operation in the world. Redolmo might be  a tool of the Chinese. Redolmo might be working out of Mexico. The only thing certain about Redolmo is that he has to be eliminated!

Printing History
Written by Jack Canon

Charter Books
441 71133 
April 1979

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