Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Doomsday Spore by George Warren

A fanatical scheme to start an epidemic of murder!

George Gross Cover

The embassy party ended with a bang. Nick Carter "Killmaster N3" was there to protect the VIPs. He realized he had failed when the main attraction, a magician, did a vanishing act and the British Ambassador was found in a cake of ice, with a dagger in his chest. Nick is left with a cold trail that gets suddenly hot when he discovers that the murderer has a list of victims. Nick's name is on it, so is his boss David Hawk. The only clues are the disappearing magician and a boot heel that leads him to the headquarters of the Red Swineherd Gang. Finding them is just a setup for the big threat. Because they have the Doomsday Spore, a deadly virus picked up on a space mission, that eats away human flesh. It could be a bluff, but why is the press running the headline.
End Of The World?!

Printing History
Written by George Warren

Charter Books
441 15870 (January 1979)

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