Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Stone Angel by Marvin Albert

Introducing a terrific new private eye,
half French, half American, totally sophisticated.

Pete Sawyer is a private eye of a different kind. The son of a WW II American pilot and a brave French resistance fighter, he grew up on both sides of the Atlantic, though he prefers his sun dappled villa on the Riviera to most other places. He takes pleasures in a fine wine, and a good gun. His French name is Pierre Ange and it suits him. In English it means Stone Angel.

Pete is hired by a wealthy American couple to locate their missing teenaged daughter, But when he tracks her down Sarah Bryne's most recent Paris address, he finds not the girl, but a bloody trail of a band of terrorists. What is the link between Sarah and the deadly gang? And more perplexing, what is the link between the group and the aristocratic Lemaire family whose fortune was made by a Champagne business to rival Pommery and Mumm? Pete Sawyer must use all his charms and cunning to solve these problems and prevent a national disaster.

Printing History

Fawcett Gold Medal
July 1986

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