Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tropical Deathpact by Bob Stokesberry

Nick Carter "Killmaster N3" discovers a plot for international blackmail in the midst of a savage jungle war!

UK Edition
A War Without Rules
When a U.S. agent notifies his boss that something is brewing in Central America, Nick Carter is sent down to investigate, but not before his contact is stopped dead by a quick blast from a lethal can of aerosol. Nick lands in the middle of a three-way civil war where double cross is the rule and treaties last for a day. Meanwhile someone is trying to get hold of a highly sophisticated and deadly Red-Eye missiles. Whoever gets them can wrap things up very nicely, and then put the missiles to other uses. Nick's job is to prevent that. But first he has to get out of a raging guerrilla war and get the answers to few questions: Why is the right-wing dictator Obregon supplying guns to his Communist enemies? Why are Cuba and Russia watching so closely? Who will be victim of the final deception? 

George Gross Cover
Printing History
Written by Bob Stokesberry
Copyright 1979 by The Conde Nast Publications, Inc.

Charter Books
441 82417 (June 1979)

Star Books
352 31140 (1982)

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