Friday, September 23, 2011

Charlie Sent Me! by Carter Brown (Revised)

TV's top-rated comedian planned a private eye gimmick which turned into mayhem when the hood walked in and said.....

Horwitz Numbered Series #114
When the gaunt hood walked into the room and said "Charlie Sent me," and beat up Eddie Sackville, top-rated comedian, he started a chain of gruesome events for script writer Larry Baker which started with murder and finished with murder.....

Horwitz International Edition Series #46
TV write Larry Baker knows good lines when he sees them. In script. Or on a girl. But when somebody ad-libs an off screen murder, Larry sets out to prove he did not author the job. His search for a killer takes him to the bedrooms of a bevy of beauties, the plush apartment of a big time gangster, and a futuristic mansion that plays music to itself. A long playing dirge, a "Song of Death." Larry Baker is powerless to stop.

Robert McGinnis Covers
This title is the revision of the novelette Swan Song For A Siren published in 1955, 1958, 1960.

Horwitz Numbered Series #2
Printing History

As Swan Song For A Siren
Horwitz Publications

Numbered Series #2 (September 1955)
Second Collectors Edition Series Volume 1 #16 (1958)
Reprint By Demand Series #30 (1960)

As Charlie Sent Me!
Numbered Series #114 (1963)
International Edition Series #46 (1965)

New American Library
Signet Books
G2394 (November 1963)
T4775 (September 1971)
T4775 (September 1971) in Canada.

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