Saturday, September 3, 2011

Secret Mission: Prague by Don Smith

$5 million worth of guns earmarked for American extortionists. 
Phil Sherman must stop the shipment before a race war burns every U.S. city to the ground.

Death in the afternoon
The first warning was the corpse. The young CIA agent stared sightlessly at Phil Sherman, a knife stuck deep between his shoulder blades. The message, delivered on a quiet afternoon, was clear enough. Stay out of it, Sherman, or you will be next!  But Phil Sherman had no place to run. From the minute her received the assignment from the CIA, death had stalked his every move. At first the danger seemed small. Sherman was to find the Mr. Big of European gun running, the man behind five million dollars worth of arms destined for revolutionaries in America. But it was not that simple. Not with an enemy bomb planted in Sherman's car, not when his one lead, a beautiful blond half out of her mind from Communist torture, was gunned down before his eyes, not with a fanatical plot to destroy America's cities underway and Sherman the only man who could keep the guns from reaching their lethal targets!

Printing History

Award Books
A353X (1968)
AN1221 (1972)

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