Monday, September 5, 2011

The Pamplona Affair by Dee Stuart and Ansel Chapin

The terrorists have the  atomic bomb.
And now they want Nick Carter "Killmaster N3"

UK Edition
Nuclear Blackmail
The Seventh Day of the Seventh Month brings the tourists to the Festival of St. Fermin in Pamplona Spain. But some celebrators are there on sinister business. And some of them are dying of radiation sickness. 

Luis Cabesa: Could it be just a coincidence that the foremost nuclear physicist on the continent  had disappeared, along with enough plutonium to blow the Iberian Peninsula to hell?

Constanza Ybrava: Some say that this beauty and deadly creature murdered her father and betrayed the cause of Basque freedom when she went over to the KGB. What is this terrorist siren doing giving orders to Nick Carter?

Ronald Mathers: Why has Hawk assigned the only incompetent  agent ever employed by AXE to this mission with Nick?

Atomic extortion ids the name of the game, and the winner take the world with him unless Nick Carter can stop him!

George Gross Cover
Printing History
Written by Dee Stuart and Ansel Chapin

Charter Books
441 65085 (December 1978)

Star Books (UK)
352 30697 (1983)

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