Monday, September 19, 2011

The Jamaican Exchange by Leon Lazarus

Barter For Death

A merchant of death lures Nick Carter into a sinister game of hide-and-seek!

Hawk said. "Find Jamba." AXE is not exactly the Missing Persons Bureau, and Jamba's dossier would make ones hair stand on end. Nick Carter "Killmaster N3" knew what he had to do. Jamba had set up a system of barter, guns for ganja. It's a great deal for the wrong side. The U.S. connection gets the drugs and the Island insurrection gets its weapons. But who is Jamba?

George Gross Cover
Miranda says she doesn't know. She's just a nice girl trying to make a living. But at the rate she is going she will not live to reap the rewards.

Dave Kramer blew the whistle on Castro and made his mark as an ace journalist. He goes where the news is hot. So what is he doing in Jamaica?

Joe Halus seems innocent enough. But when he rents Nick a chopper all hell breaks loose.

Malverne is respectable, a lover of freedom. But why did he give Nick an inexperienced girl to guide him through the hills?

Josina, lovely as an island flower and just as innocent. Or is she? And who said Jamba has to be a man?

Printing History
written by Leon Lazarus

Charter Books
441 51633
(May 1979)

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