Thursday, September 15, 2011

Death Of A Citizen by Donald Hamilton

When danger strikes, who is the man to take control? 
Matt Helm!

25th Printing
Name: Matthew Helm
Code Name: Eric

A citizen dies and a wartime special agent is reborn, as the girl with the code name of Tina walks into a cocktail party and 15 years of Matt Helm's complacent post-war life slips away. Suddenly the old automatics reactions take over and Matt is thrust back to the time when he had been a lethal young animal trained to kill. And she had been his partner.

After the war. After the carnage. After being labeled a lethal weapon. It was time for a little peace and quiet. Married life agrees with him.


Printing History

Fawcett Gold Medal World Library
February 1960

d1697 50c
P3338 $1.25

Ballantine Books
12798 $2.50 
(November 1984)

12798 $3.50
(March 1988)


  1. On the d1697 cover the "McD," hidden off in the shadows on a level with the woman's left foot, is the signature of John McDermott.