Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Satan Trap by Jack Canon

Nick Carter makes a strange alliance with a spiritual medium and the KGB!
UK Edition
A Brotherhood Of Terror
The young and beautiful devotees of Drago live a blissful existence in Pastoria, deep in the mountains north of Monaco. But when Count Drago begins using these lovely creatures to blackmail the most powerful men in Europe, the CIA and the KGB start to give him more than a passing interest. And when the Pastorians begin talking like terrorists, it's time to bring in Nick Carter, AXE agent N3, Killmaster. Is Count Drago just an old con artist with a new scheme? Or is he a front for something more sinister than devil worship? Matching the fanatic cultist trick for trick, and with the help of the spiritualist Serena, Nick's mission is to uncover the truth. And free the West from Pastoria's pervasive grip!

George Gross Cover
Printing History
Written by Jack Canon

Charter Books
441 75035 (September 1979)

Star Books
352 31114 (1982)

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