Friday, September 2, 2011

Trouble In Paradise by Robert Derek Steeley

The fate of U.S. depends on Nick Carter's endurance to torture!

UK Edition
Someone is sabotaging American oil companies, to the tune of millions of dollars and scores of deaths. The media is calling it "accidents." The FBI and CIA know better. And it's Nick Carter's mission to find out who is crippling America's energy reserves. All the evidence points to a stone fortress overlooking Nassau, Eden of sunfilled days and endless nights in glittering casinos, playground of the rich. The Bahamian Liberation Front is threatening a coup, but who is mastermind behind the revolutionaries? Two AXE agents have already been killed. Nick has to survive long enough to eliminate the enemy before an island paradise becomes a circle of death.

George Gross Cover
Printing History
Written by Robert Derek Steeley

Charter Books
441 82460 (November 1978)
Star Books
352 30734 (1980)

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like what's been happening here in the Peace Country.
    Someone's been sabotaging Encana's pipelines on a regular basis ... although not so far this summer.
    Perhaps, when I'm finished my 'pioneering Canada' series I can think about something more contemporary such as a pipline bomb, a gassed horse, and the horse owner who went into a back room with company execs and came out with a smile.
    What's this some people say about not having anything to write?