Sunday, January 23, 2011

Berlin by Jon Messman

A beautiful woman is Nick Carter's only lead in the hunt for a "new" Hitler, ready to seize power again.

1976 Award Edition
The first man knew too much. So they shattered his body in a thousand pieces before he could give a shred of information.

The second man lived in terror. Death had pursued him through a lifetime devoted to espionage. When they pumped a bullet through his throat, he was not even surprised.

The third man was a lot tougher to knock off. His name was Nick Carter and he was ordered to pursue the assignment that had killed the other two.

This time around, Nick Carter had to destroy the fanatic leader of Germany's neo-Nazi underground. A man wearing a known and trusted face. And hell bent on becoming the next Fuehrer. For Nick the assignment begins with a blonde doing a strip-tease in a bedroom of an ancient castle on the Rhine.

Tandem Reprints

Sex, money, and death were closely  linked in this Nick Carter assignment. 

Sex meant Helga, the beautiful blond Nick fished out of the Rhine more dead than alive. 

Money, billions of dollars, fueled the activities of the neo-Nazis. But whose money? Who was spending a fortune to help another Fuehrer grab power in Germany? 

Death ended the careers of two US agents. And it followed Nick relentlessly  from the minute he arrived. From the back alleys of East Berlin to a stinking dungeon hidden somewhere in West Germany.

Printing History
Written by Jon Messman    

Award Series
1st (A455X) 1969
2nd (A455X) 1970
3rd (AQ1604) 1976

.Tandem Series
1st (426 4159) 1969
Reprint (426 5442) 1971
Reprint (426 7456) December 1972

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