Friday, January 14, 2011

Carnival For Killing by Jon Messman

1st Tandem Printing

At Midnight, February 14th....In the black wilderness of Brazil's vast Mountains of the Sea, a man waited patiently for an execution. Within minutes he would kill the unsuspecting American who thought him  a trusted ally.

At Midnight, February 14th....On a rain splattered superhighway leading to NYC, a blond youth stared into the headlights of an onrushing car. In all the world only the boy could give warning of the impending holocaust that would end untold lives.

At Midnight, February 14th....In a luxurious bedroom on Manhattan's posh East Side, a beautiful girl watched as Nick Carter take off his clothes. she was already ready in bed, waiting, and smiling.

Neither of them knew they were about to begin Phase One of a fantastic espionage plot devised by Fidel Castro's master spy.

Charter  Reprint                              Tandem  Reprint
Award 2nd Printing                             Award 3rd Printing

Printing History
Written by Jon Messman

Award Editions
1st (A406X) 1969
2nd (A644X) 1970
3rd (A938S) 1972
Charter (09173) Oct 1981

Tandem Editions
1st (3658) 1969
Reprint (426 7018) 1973 (France)

Nick Carter hurries to Rio to assist industrialist Todd Denison, whose life has been threatened. But before Nick can arrive, Todd turns up dead. The death appears accidental, until Nick proves it was murder. A search for the killers involves Nick, Todd's pretty widow, and his secretary Maria Hawes. Maria informs Nick that Todd had many enemies who were trying to prevent his building a new plant in the mountains that would raise wages and living standards for the local population. When Nick is attacked, extremist leader Rojadas is implicated. Is Rojadas a friend or foe? Is he behind the planned mass murders. The assassinations  were timed to occur during  the Carnival  in Rio. Thousands would die in minutes.

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