Monday, January 3, 2011

Temple Of Fear by Manning Lee Stokes

Lost: America's top agent on a bizarre assassination assignment.
Found: Fragments of an incredible espionage plot. Targets-United States and Red China.
Reward: The world in flames or peace, depending on who won.

Somewhere in Tokyo's espionage jungle a shocking double cross warned that the plot was underway. America's super secret espionage network, AXE, moved to assign its top operative, Nick Carter to Japan. But Nick disappeared. Drugged and kidnapped by the oldest ploy in the book. A beautiful women with a body built for betrayal. And for the first time, Nick finds himself helpless, weaponless, alone, and trapped into helping the enemy. Nick assumes the identity of a man long dead as he hunts for a lovely but lethal double agent through the neon wilderness of Tokyo's Ginza. He matches wits and bullets with the strangest enemy, knowing that one false move could mean a world in flames.

1975 Award Edition                           1978 Charter Edition
1970 Award Edition

Printing History
Written by Manning Lee Stokes

USA Printings
1st Award Edition (A367X) Oct 1968
2nd Award Edition (A629X) Oct 1970
3rd Award Edition (AQ 1440) March 1975
Charter Edition (80215 X) 1978

UK Printings
1st Tandem (?) 1968
Tandem Reprint (426 5805) 1971
Tandem Reprint (426 5805) March 1972

The inside cover of the first printing states that the Nick Carter Killmaster Series has been published in 50 other countries that include: France, Japan, Turkey, Italy, Portugal, Norway and Holland.

Tandem Edition Reprints

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