Saturday, January 8, 2011

Rhodesia by William L Rhodes

Nick Carter arch enemy Mr Judas returns in Rhodesia. It began with a black man, a white women, and enough gold to ransom the world. The man was consumed with race hatred, driven to senseless slaughter by a single minded plan for retribution. The women was possessed by the need for every variety of sensual delight. The gold was mined secretly in Rhodesia, owned by a die-hard Nazi who had long ago sacrificed his soul and sanity to insatiable dream of glory. This was the trio that awaited Nick in Rhodesia. He was on a brutal seek and destroy mission against an organization of assassins that had infiltrated every country in Africa.

The killer dogs attacked on a lonely mountain road: Only an accident saved Nick's life.
The hired killer waited patiently, knife poised, for Nick to come into view: But the AXE agent emerged alive from the savage duel.
The girl, driven by hate and lust, set the trap with infinite care: Nick Carter heeded an instinctive warning and once again the wrong man died.

1970 Award Edition

Printing History
Written by William L Rhodes
Award Editions
1st Printing (A409X) 1968
2nd Printing (A630X) 1970
3rd Printing (AN1097) ?

Tandem Editions
1st Printing (3551) 1968
Reprint (5936) 1971
Star (30467) 1979

There are more than 3 printings as other titles were reprinted in the same time frame as this title in 1972 through 1974.

Tandem/Star Editions

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