Saturday, January 15, 2011

Homicide Harem and Felon Angel by Carter Brown

Horwitz published two volumes of Vintage Series in 1965. One of which I have. Homicide Harem and Felon Angel were both originally published as separate "Lovely Mystery"  novelettes in 1954. In Homicide Harem, the main character is Nick Knight and he is given an assignment for a Prince al-Zaman to guard his Harem. International intrigue and murder are on the menu. In Felon Angel, our hero is Cordova. He is on a missing persons case. He is to find a Yvonne who was employed with a certain character, racketeer Johnny Ralmus in Florida. Seems she disappeared after meeting with a local named Mr Vesper. Cordova does not like to be double crossed, especially from a dame.

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