Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Charmer Chased by Carter Brown

1958 Horwitz Edition

Stanton Z Stanton lived on Snake Island and is insured for two million dollars against becoming radioactive. Our main character is Sam Dunn, insurance investigator, turns into Doctor Samuel Dunn. It seams Stanton is a herpetologist. Upon reaching the island, Sam finds out that snakes were not the only thing that hissed. Take Stanton's wife for example. She had a penchant for money and murder. Then Doctor Carey's practice covered more than curing the sick. And Stanton himself, who passed the time of day locked in a room with barred windows. Dunn found out he had to work fast for the female population was dwindling  fast and a certain Police Lieutenant considered him a candidate for murder. So Sam has a little reptile to keep him company to cheer him up, but the cobra was too close for comfort. The Charmer Chased was the 64th entry in Horwitz's Numbered Series and published in 1958.

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