Monday, January 10, 2011

The Defector by George Snyder

George Snyder answered an ad in the New York Times by Award Books. The Defector is the first of his seven Nick Carters he wrote.

1969 Award Edition

The theft of the deadly formula.                                                 
The school for Red spies.
The army of man eating rats.
The exotic house of pleasure
The diamond dagger caked with blood.
The hidden pellet of cyanide.

All of them played a vital part of Nick Carter's latest assignment. Prevent a top American scientist from defecting to China. Nick had only one lead, a beautiful women with a special fondness for sex spiced with savagery. The scene was Hong Kong. The mission was to find Professor Loo, whose scientific knowledge could give the Red Chinese protection against any nuclear attack. Nick battles strange enemies, the threatening Chin Ossa and the beautiful Sheila Kwan.

Printing History
Written by George Snyder

1st Award (A405X) 1969
2nd Award(A643X) 1970?
3rd Award (A925S) 1972
4th Award (AN 1264) 1974

1st Tandem (3631) 1969
Tandem Reprint (5469) 1971
Tandem Reprint (17398) Dec 1972
Star (30483) 1979
Star Reprint (30483) 1981

1972 Award Edition                              1974 Award Edition

1972 Tandem Reprint                                1981 Star Edition

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