Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Cobra Kill by Manning Lee Stokes

The high price of dying on an ultra lethal assignment

Early Award Editions
For openers, it cost Nick $10,000 just to find out that his quarry, once the most powerful communist in Indonesia, was hidden in the Malayan jungle. Then there was the added expense of physical energy bedding the nymphomaniacal daughter of Malaysia's top intelligence minister. Just to find out that her information was not nearly enough. Plus the loss of a lot of valuable sleep wondering whether his sultry guide was interested in him for sex or simply to lure him on for the kill. And the closer Nick came to completing the assignment, the surer he was that the ultimate balance would have to be paid with his life.

Early Tandem Editions
It took the lure of the wild, bizarre manhunt to get Nick Carter out of Hong Kong and into Malaysia. It took an exotic nymphomaniac to give Nick the information he needed to start his murder mission alive. It took a the savage native seductress to lead Nick through the Malaysian jungle to find his quarry, Lim Yang, the famous Red Cobra. And it took Nick no time to realize he was deep in hot action, deadly coincidences, and enough double crosses to plunge him straight into a death trap.

1974 Award Edition

United States Printing History

Award Books

1st (A495X) 1969
2nd (A924S) 1972
3rd (AN1244) 1974

Universal Reprint

United Kingdom Printing History

Tandem Books

1st (426 4239) 1969/1970
Reprint (426 5418) 1971
Reprint (426 7376) Dec 1972

Universal Books

Reprint (426 17355) 1977

Star Books

Reprint (352 30665) 1980, 1981, 1985

Star Edition

Note: The first person perspective became standard with The Cobra Kill

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