Monday, January 17, 2011

Peking/The Tulip Affair by Arnold Marmor

He had never looked forward to killing, but it was different know. When a man isn't human, when he has a frozen face and steel claws for hands, when he has planned a blood drenched path of destruction, when his name is Martin Bormann. Then Nick Carter's emotions about killing take on a new dimension. Somewhere in Peking, Martin Bormann is working on a terrifying mind altering drug. A drug that could snuff out lives quickly and more gruesome than any atomic bomb. Nick has to get Bormann. The lethal hunt takes Nick from a bizarre Red Chinese bordello to a laboratory manned by robots. And to an opulent HQ of a macabre neo-Nazi movement. 

The Tulip Affair
Nick Carter is ordered to destroy a former AXE agent now working as a spy for Peking. Nick's only ally is a Chinese beauty too dangerous to left alive.

Tandem reprints

Peking and The Tulip Affair was written by Arnold Marmor. Marmor was one of those forgotten, obscure pulp guys of the early and mid 50s. He also wrote for varous crime and science fiction magazines at that time. Marmor wrote Peking and it came up too short and rather than expand it he wrote a short story to go with it, The Tulip Affair. This was his only Nick Carter he wrote.

1st Award Printing

Printing History
Written by Arnold Marmor

Award Series
1st (A424X) 1969

Tandem Series
1st (unkn) 1969
Reprint (unkn) 1972
Reprint (426 12183) Jan 1973
Reprint (426 17478) unkn

There could be more Award printings with the same book number. I only have the one book.

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