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Murder Is My Mistress by Carter Brown

copyright 1954 Associated General Publications
Julian Cross is hired to find out the death of a dog. He would not have done it except for the money. He meets the suspects at a party that produced something new out of a box, a murder. A screwball murder, as he told his employer. A bunch of screwballs. Sylvia Stamford, a silver blonde who never stopped acting when she left the stage. Johnny Zoan an ex-racketeer. Theresa Boon, a sultry blonde with the beat of tom-toms in her voice. Juliet, a tall redhead and every inch of her a women. Jeff Peters, the guy people flattered when they call him a moron. Helen Mills, the girl with the horn-rimmed glasses with a burning need for a psychiatrist. And  D'Aguerri, who was even more irritating as a memory than he had every been when he was alive. But Cross is not undaunted as no blonde can side track him for more than a couple days at a time. No gun at his ribs can give him hysterics as he gets them as soon as he sights the gunman. When he finally tracks down the murderer, he stands his ground as there is no place to run. Murder Is My Mistress was first published by Associated General Publications in December 1954. Horwitz Publications then published this title in the Numbered Series in 1955 as #8. Murder Is My Mistress was published in the United States as The Savage Salome, as a Danny Boy mystery, by Signet Books in January 1961. Horwitz did also publish The Savage Salome in 1961 in the Numbered Series as #91. The Associated General Publications edition was the only Carter Brown title published in hard cover.

Printing History

 Murder Is My Mistress (Julian Cross)
December 1954 by Associated General Publications
1955 by Horwitz Publications Numbered Series #8
1960 by Horwitz Publications Reprint By Demand Series #19

The Savage Salome (Danny Boyd)
January 1961 by New American Library Signet Books S1896
March 1961 by Horwitz Publications Long Story Magazine #20
1961 by Horwitz Publications Numbered Series #91
1962 by Horwitz Publications International Edition #IE26
1971 by New American Library Signet Books T4423
May 1981 by Horwitz/Signet Double Edition #9/E9776 
May 1981 New American Library of Canada E9776

1961 First Signet and 3rd Signet Printings
Canadian 2nd Printing

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