Friday, January 21, 2011

The Sea Trap by Jon Messman

A crazed scientist challenges Nick Carter to a death duel at the bottom of the sea

Star Reprint
A monster weapon hidden at the bottom of the sea: It could destroy nuclear subs as if they were  children's toys. It had already crushed four subs with their crews trapped inside.
A brilliant scientist with an insane sexual obsession: He would work for anyone so long as they gave him a never ending supply of virgins to debauch. 
An island stronghold guarded by a string of hard-core convicts: It held an opulent palace from which a madman issued an ultimatum. The World in his grasp or the simultaneous destruction of every American nuclear sub!
Award 2nd and 3rd printings
It was an incredible, fantastic, and bizarre threat. But too possible to ignore. The United States assigned its super-secret espionage network, AXE, and their top operative, Nick Carter, to hand the assignment. It turned out to be a Top-Priority manhunt for his arch enemy Mr Judas. Nick had to beware of Judas' personal bodyguard. A giant Mongol programmed to kill on sight. And a harem of lovely young ladies kept on drugs. All this and destroy an undersea arsenal used against intruders.

Tandem Reprint

Printing History
Written by Jon Messman

Award Series
1st (A442X) 1969
2nd (A648X) 1970
3rd (A921S) 1972

Tandem Series
1st (unkn) 1970
Reprint (unkn) 1971
Reprint (426 7317) Dec 1972
Star (426 7317) 1979

Mr Judas returns

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